The Restaurant

Would you like the feast on your plate to match the outdoor feast for the eyes? For the flavours to match the fantastic views?

In the tastefully decorated, enjoyable atmosphere of the Genusshotel Restaurant the delicacies on your plate are further enhanced by a spectacular backdrop. The view of the hilly landscape of southern Styria dominated by majestic Riegersburg Castle is practically unique. In the warmer summer and autumn months you can enjoy the view from our covered Panoramic Terrace.

The Gölles Stube

Another fine place for a romantic rendezvous or get-together in good company is the Gölles Stube.

The room’s design was inspired by the schnapps and vinegar distilling at which Gölles excels. Barrel-stave panelling made from 86 old oak casks and warm copper décor lend the room a unique flair. A highlight is the walk-in Schnapps Treasury, where the Gölles family keeps its rarities.

In keeping with the motto “conversation brings people together” our Fireplace Room offers a pleasant place to spend hours in quiet conversation or take the occasional cigarette break.


To your health!

We pride ourselves on our wide selection of fine schnapps varieties. As well we might: the Austrian schnapps pioneer Alois Gölles, whose famous distillery is only a few minutes away by car, is the man who built Genusshotel Riegersburg.

Would you prefer clear or barrel-aged spirits from our wide-ranging collection or might we interest you in a digestive found among the specialities in our Schnapps Treasury?

Located right in the Gölles Stube, the Treasury stands for quality that has withstood the test of time. In the case of fine spirits, that quality is absolutely essential. It takes the proper maturation time in a barrel or glass carboy for a distillate to develop an attractive flavour spectrum. The Schnapps Treasury holds Alois Gölles’s exclusive rarities and vintage spirits, which we will gladly serve you on request. They are a must for those who prize and enjoy fine spirits.


The wine is next door! The vines bear their fine fruit right next to Genusshotel Riegersburg, and the nearby winegrowing areas of eastern Styria are among the most fruitful and promising for those seeking fine vintages.

Our hotel has a wide selection of fine wines of recent and older vintage years. The best bottles from Styria and carefully selected vintages from other regions result in a wine list to meet the expectations of even the most demanding connoisseurs.