Riegersburg Castle
Rambling & Riding

The Styrian Landmark

Almost two miles of crenulated defensive walls, seven gatehouses and eleven bastions indicate the 850 years of history that Riegersburg Castle has witnessed. A panoramic path that offers wonderful views leads up to the historic castle at an altitude of 1,500 feet. Those who want to avoid climbing to one of Austria’s most interesting sights can take the inclined lift instead.

At the top, three museums await you, offering insights into the history of the fortress, the weapons it possessed and the witches and sorcerers once associated with the area.

Experience the “queens of the air” up close!

You can watch birds of prey in close proximity during the professional raptor show. The birds fly daring manoeuvres, almost touching your head with their wings, sailing elegantly, and making breathtaking dives from hundreds of feet in the air. Some reach top speeds of almost 190 miles an hour. This is an exciting experience for young and old.

And if that is not enough action, you can scale the castle cliff for a truly thrilling experience.


From its point of departure in the centre of Riegersburg, the trail heads off in two different directions, one an eastern loop and the other a loop to the west (Zotter Loop, c. 7.5 miles, and Gölles Loop, c. 6.2 miles).

These trails make it possible to explore the surrounding countryside on foot. The Pleasure Path is unique – with numerous surprises, nature trails and sights for young and old.


If you want to see the loveliest side of the Volcano Country and prefer to explore the area by bike, our bicycles and e-bikes are available free of charge.