Brilliant regional cuisine

Why search far and wide when the finest ingredients are at our hotel doorstep?

Wine-makers and schnapps-distillers, ham and pumpkin-seed oil producers, pickling specialists and, not least, Austria’s leading chocolate-maker: The area around Riegersburg is home to numerous outstanding producers who serve as an inspiration to our talented chefs in creating their special culinary surprises.

Our chef de cuisine Rainer Kaufmann can look back on years of experience at award-winning restaurants, such as Vienna’s Hotel Sacher. Every day he and his team create top-notch, exciting contemporary dishes that are rooted in the region.

The select ingredients they use are the result of sustainable cooperation with local farmers and other suppliers, and we believe you can taste the difference: fruits and juices from the orchards of southern Styria, fish from regional waters, and our special Styrian chicken.



Breakfast at Genusshotel Riegersburg

Here at Genusshotel Riegersburg we try to ensure that you start your day well-fortified and in fine fettle. Thus our breakfast buffet is heavy-laden with everything that an early riser or slugabed could possibly desire: freshly baked bread and rolls, delicious local ham and salami from Vulcano, fresh cheese-balls from the sheep farmers in Weiz, jams from Fink’s Delikatessen, honey from the hives of the Frühwirth Beekeepers, teas by Sonnentor, coffee by J. Hornig, fresh fruit juice, muesli, flakes and many more delights are on our buffet every morning.

In addition, we offer those with allergies or food intolerances a wide selection of gluten- and lactose-free foods.

Breakfast: from 7:30 to 10:00 a.m.

It’s for one-day visitors too!

Five-course dinners with delicious details

From the aperitif to the digestive: we have dedicated ourselves to your dinner enjoyment and offer regional delicacies from served up in five courses. Our menu always features carefully prepared, freshly made dishes.

Meat, fish and vegetarian delights are on the menu every day. On request our kitchen team can also prepare meals for vegans and those with other special food needs.

Did you realize that Genusshotel Riegersburg is a cola-free zone? We serve only local juices and water, Styrian beer and Austrian wine.

Dinner: from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

It’s for one-day visitors too!


Well done!

Our Starzenberger Dry Aged Beef is hearty in taste and perfectly aged.

For our Dry Aged Beef we used only meat from traditional breeds of Styrian cattle. The animals have been raised in a natural, species-appropriate manner.

Dry ageing is a wonderful way to ensure that the meat has an unforgettably delicious flavour. The beef hangs for at least 30 days in the special climate of our own dry ager. Full-flavoured, firm to the bite and yet tender on the tongue, our T-bones, porterhouses, fillets and other steaks are carefully prepared by our skilled kitchen team.

Steak Dinner at Genusshotel Riegersburg

Every Thursday and Saturday from 6:30 p.m.

E-mail your reservation request or phone us on +43 3153 20020.


The Cheese Grotto at Genusshotel Riegersburg ages cheese made from unpasteurized Styrian milk from pasture-fed cows. When they are between three and six months old, the wheels are brought to our ageing room where they develop optimal flavour after another six to 12 months of loving care.

The cheese is matured by washing it with Gölles Apple Balsamic Vinegar and Apple Schnapps, both aged for eight years. That lends the cheese a mild yet aromatic flavour.

A tip from Gölles: Try the restaurant’s own Starzenberger cheese with your choice of sweet and fruity vinegar jellies: raspberry, apple balsamic or quince.